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I'm a little late to do this review but definitely wanted to give praise to Kim and her husband - what a wonderful team they make! I went in to their shop with my entourage (2 sisters, mom, and soon to be mother-in-law) to look for my perfect wedding dress. What an incredible experience it was! The shop is organized and very clean. Kim is thorough, outgoing, and not at all pushy - she made me feel like she wanted me to find the perfect dress for me and wasn't trying to push me to make a decision immediately (like how I felt at David's Bridal when trying on dresses prior to going to this shop). Also, I loved the fact that when you set up an appointment, you know you are going to be the only bride there getting Kim's total attention - you don't feel like just a number here / it's such a different experience. I'm a size 12/14 in street clothing and that wasn't an issue as Kim had such a wonderful selection of all sizes and styles that would truly make any size bride feel amazing! I actually was torn between 2 dresses so Kim made a follow-up appointment for later that day so my family and I could leave to talk about them and come back to try them back on. Needless to say, we ended up purchasing my dream dress from this shop! The prices are definitely reasonable and the best thing is, you don't have to wait for your dress - you get to take it home with you that day! Thank you Kim, truly, you made the experience wonderful and a great memory for all of us. I can't wait to wear my dress! XOXO - Norma

My daughter found the dress of her dreams here!!! Kim was very professional and very helpful. The customer service was outstanding, making this a wonderful experience for our whole party.

Amazing! Amazing! Let me start from the beginning. My fiancé and I have decided to get married in 56 days. We planned on a fall wedding next year but everything has fallen into place so we decided to make it happen. I first made an appointment to go into a bridal store downtown. I was familiar with this shop due to going with a friend in the past. Mind you, this would be my first time trying on dresses and I needed something off the rack. The store downtown didn't give me any dresses that actually fit. Everything I tried on was needing major alterations and not in the best condition. I decided to leave and stop in The Bridal Station. When I walked in I was treated by Geoff who I asked if they were able to help me without an appointment. I did this because I'm aware that many bridal places require appointments. Geoff asked me to hold on while he spoke to Kim. Kim had just pulled dresses for another bride and had taken them back to try on. Geoff filled Kim in on my situation and they told me that because they didn't have a wedding in their chapel this evening that they could fit me in close to closing. My mom and I left to get lunch and came back at our appointment time. When we arrived back, Kim was helping another bride who was getting married in less than a month and that bride left with a dress! I began to look around and was finding so many options at amazing prices! When Kim brought my mom and I back she measured my waist and explained that I needed a bigger size. I was open to this and trusted her opinion due to non of the dresses fitting correctly at my last appointment. Luckily many of the dresses I had pulled she was able to find in a bigger size. She then showed me some other dresses and ensured me that they looked completely different on, and she was right! The first dress I tried on fit like a glove and when she told me it was under $400 I was amazed! I tried on 8-10 in a 2 hour time span and at the end of my appointment was in tears because I found my dress! We wanted to see veils at that point and the first one Kim suggested was the one I bought! Her and Geoffs customer service is out of this world!

Now- I reviewed the 1 star reviews and here is my take if you are reviewing this place before going in. I would call first to get a good time to come in. Also, there is a rule on no more than 4 people with a bride and I can totally respect this rule! Kim has a lot of experience with bridal gowns and honestly too many opinions can be stressful on a bride. Also, her gowns are in absolute mint condition! She is an off the rack store but her grown are immaculate especially compared to what I've seen at other dress store. Also, they do one bride at a time, so if you going into browse don't expect to go in and try something on real quick... Kim takes time with her brides to make it a great experience. She gives the bride plenty of privacy. She's honest. The one star reviews are a shame especially after having the wonderful experience we had! I walked out with a dress and a veil for half of what I would have paid at another store in town and my dress looks like it's never been tried on before me! -natalie

Kim and her husband are amazing. Great service and selection. This was the best place of all the places I went to for a wedding gown and I found the "one " here. Highly recommend this place. I was very uncertain and nervous and didn't think I would find the dress of my dreams but I totally did and it was better than I expected!
They also have a cute little chapel in the back where they perform ceremonies, if you are looking to have a intimate ceremony at a very reasonable price. It fits about 30 people if I remember.
Kim the owner is AMAZING!!! Her shop is set up beautifully & she takes the time to take the proper measurements so she knows how best to help. She wasn't pushy or rude at all. Being a plus size bride, I wasnt sure what to expect. I never felt pressured or disrespected in any way.
Kim had me answer some questions about what I was looking for & took a waist measurement before showing me at least 15 dresses. All dresses were in my price range & she never pressured me into anything I didnt like.
She was so much through and considerate than the "other big & popular name brand bridal store." At the other store, i never felt all that special. At the bridal station I felt welcome from the moment I walked in the door. Thank you Kim for your kindness & patience with a special and overwhelming moment in my life! I will always recommend your shop!

Loved my experience at the Bridal Station. Kim is awesome. Great customer service. I wasn't rushed and left with a lovely dress.

Great service! The lady who helped my sister in law was very patient and she was very understanding. I would definitely recommend this place to all the brides to be. There is a big variety of styles and lots of gorgeous dresses. I am looking forward to coming here to pick my wedding dress as well!

Beautiful store and chapel!! Kim married my husband and I today. She did an amazing job and made me feel beautiful! She is very profession and i highly recommend her services. Thank you Kim!
We had the best experience here!! I recommended anyone and everyone. Kim made my mom feel so good about herself which we didn't get anywhere else. We will defiantly refer.
My wife and I got married here recently and it was an amazing experience! Everything was perfect. An intimate, sweet ceremony. Exactly what I wanted. We couldn't have asked for better. Kim was an amazing officiant. She knew exactly what she was doing and she made sure to make it a memorable experience.
Loved this place, so intimate. clean and quiet. The owner and her husband were amazing! Kim was so helpful and knowledgeable. We were able to pick my wedding dress very quickly! She knew what to pull off the racks by looking at my body type and asking questions. Would recommend this bridal shop to everyone!
Loved my experience here! I am a plus size girl and was absolutely dreading going dress shopping. When we first arrived Kim and her husband Geoff were very pleasant! I was kinda embarrassed when I said I really had no idea what kind of dress I wanted. I showed Kim my Pinterest board, she took my measurements and pulled some amazing dresses.  I really loved how Kim was in tune with me.. she was able to pick dresses that flattered me where I felt insecure and wasn't pushy at all! If I didn't like something, it was ok! I felt she truly was about the bride and not the sale like some places. She made me feel very comfortable!   They were very accommodating to my family I brought with me as well, keeping them very involved and I loved that. She even let me try on the poofiest dress just because!!   I feel like this place gives you the whole experience. Did I mention their selection is amazing?! She has 10-20 dresses in EACH size!   I was dreading today but it turned out great and I have Kim to thank for that. Plus... I said yes to the dress!So very happy with my experience and recommend everyone come here! 
Love this place! You work directly with the owners & they are nice, direct, & knowledgeable! Kim was able to help me find the style, color, & look I was going for with no sense of pressure or annoyance when I would chance my mind. I had 6 different styles & she was able to pull beautiful gowns easily with just a few ideas. My mom bought the first dress Kim pulled for her to try. She was able to help me with timelines & had so much knowledge able the industry. I will definitely be using them again for future events!  
I checked out 3 other bridal shops, with appointments, before I went to The Bridal Station.  I was very impressed with Kim's store.  It's beautiful, well organized and a really nice experience.  She has soft music, which I loved, is extremely knowledgeable, and is able to eloquently help 3 or 4 customers at the same time.  She found me a dress well below my price range off the rack (which she didn't have to do) and really worked with me, making suggestions to make it my dream dress, for a fantastic price.  She actually reduced it $50!!   I went in to find my granddaughter's their dresses for the wedding, and was extremely helpful in every aspect of the wedding.  One of my granddaughters didn't want to leave; she just loved it in there.   I have nothing but great things to say about Kim.  She is very professional, but personal at the same time.  If I am ever in need of another dress, I will definitely return.  Overall, a fantastic experience.
Kim is the single most knowledgeable person on weddings and parties.  She is so great to talk with and share ideas.
 I would go here even if I didn't have a wedding or party. Just to hang out.   Kim is just a fun person.  She is very positive and out going.   I love shopping here especially without the distractions that you experience elsewhere.
Just have to say that Kim is AMAZING. I had a horrible experience finding a dress anywhere and after going there she found me the perfect one within 10 minutes. It was an enjoyable comfortable experience and I can't wait to get married there very soon.
This review is long overdue. I had the pleasure of Kim's assistance for myself as a bride, all of my bridesmaids, and my mom's dress as well. I got married in August of 2012. Kim is a blunt person and will tell you how it is, which is a great characteristic when trying to accomplish things like a wedding, with a deadline. If you are the type of person who doesn't appreciate blunt honesty, then go somewhere else. I am just now writing this review because life happens, and I am in a wedding party currently, dealing with David's bridal, and the customer service is terrible! Kim provided dresses at a much more affordable price and was extremely knowledgeable of wedding etiquette and gave wonderful advice when needed. She is professional and does things in a timely manner. Anytime there were changes made she was always prompt to contact me personally and notify me of such changes. Bottom line is that Kim is awesome and extremely insightful of her line of work, she deserves your business and genuinely cares about you, which you won't find elsewhere.
Kim was amazingly helpful and knowledgeable. She gave great recommendations and really knows her stuff. I went in with my mom to look for a dress so she could wear to my wedding. We had no idea where to start so Kim asked if she could pick some choices and she picked a winner. She knew exactly what style looks good with which body types. We loved the dress she picked out for my mom and are coming back so we can get bridesmaid dresses. Overall a great experience and would definitely recommend stopping here for any of your dress needs.
Kim Is awesome! She stayed 2 hours after closing to help me find a dress after I had very bad experiences everywhere else. I would recommend them for EVERYTHING bridal!
I just got married here. Kim is amazing! She really knows her stuff and is so helpful. The Chapel was perfect for the small wedding we had and it had plenty more room for more guests. Kim was nice enough to wait for some of our out of town guests to arrive, since they were a bit late. The vows were magical. I highly recommend Kim and her Chapel. If I would have found her earlier I would have got my dress there too. Everything was perfect and with her guidance my nerves were put at ease (I was so nervous as to where to go/stand, how to pose and where). Thank you Kim!
Ok I will start with Kim, she is outgoing, tells you like it is and isn't afraid to hurt your little bridal feelings. ( I truly mean that in the best way possible) Which is exactly what you should look for in a bridal dress consultant.!!seriously! I told her what I wanted and she knew right off hand what to grab. She was straight forward and to the point. She didn't fawn over every dress I tried on,only one dress and rightfully so. It is the perfect dress.The other store (I won't name ) consultant only told me what she thought I wanted to hear which was very confusing, and every dress there was THEE dress. Anyways back to Kim, she's extremely knowledgeable knows her stuff and is quick to educate you on your choices. She left me to my own devices in the dressing room unconventional but actually I liked it.nothing more awkward than having a strange woman see you naked and stuffing Tull and beaded satin over your head. I did the initial stuffing and she did the finishing zipper or bustle or clips or clamping  ( Gosh wedding dress shopping is EXHAUSTING!) she doesn't take apts so her attention may be stretched across a few brides and is the only attendant (that I know of) so you must have patience. While she is with you, you have full attention. Besides this woman's knowledge and consulting is worth the wait.

An update will follow after my next visit and I'm certain I will only have nice things to say. 

As for the other review that is negative she clearly states no children in the shop unless it's for a fitting. And unless your child is getting a fitting I see no reason for them to be running around touching everything as children love to touch shiny stuff. I appreciate this rule !
Where to start lol. I came to Kim a mess. I came in to see if I could find a replacement dress cause I ordered one online and it was like 4 sizes to big looked dull lifeless and I just wanted to cry. She asked me to bring the dress in to she what we could do to fix it and make it what I want. She immediately started doing measure to and got me into the dressing room. I got the dress on she brought over the petticoat that gave my dress life! She clipped me up where the dress needed to be altered threw me in from of a mirror and I could not believe the difference she made in 5 mins. The dress became the dress I had in my mind with just a few tweeks. She sent me to alterations that got me in same day and would have in done in time for my event which was like 2 weeks away. Kim truly saved me from spending crazy money on a second dress that I would not love as much as the one I picked to begin with. She easily could have talked me into buying a new dress from her but she didn't she made the one I had shine like I wanted. She did not make a lot off my visit but I am forever grateful for her kindness expertise and most of all her honestly. Would recommend her in a heart beat to anyone looking for gowns and accessories.
What a wonderful experience we had getting married. Kim was amazing and very accommodating to our needs. We had to change things at the last minute and when I say last minute I mean a few hours before the wedding and Kim had no problem with it and helped us change things smoothly. The chapel is beautiful and has an uplifting feeling. I highly recommend this place and I'm so happy. Thank you very much for everything. I couldn't be more happy on our special day.
This place is small, but GREAT! Super values...beautiful dresses and jewelry. Kim is wonderful. I am a man, but went with a friend to try on wedding dresses. First we went to David's Bridal and oh my goodness it was dirty and gross and the service was terrible. The Bridal Station was a million times better, and I can't tell you how great Kim the owner is. She does a great job, and her shop is very very nice.
Great service, Kim was helpful and knowledgeable. And most importantly patient. I didn't really have an idea of what I wanted I told her you might like some, dislikes and before I knew it there were several dresses in front of me three or four in she found the perfect one fit and shape with all of the features that I had asked for and I was in lab, I didn't want to take it off she gave me a discount out the door price it was amazing to not have to ordered the dress and wait weeks. I feel very relieved walking out of her shop with my idea of perfection!!!  Thanks for the great service!!!
After running around all Modesto find a perfect wedding dress going to this place really gave me relief. 

When you are trying to find a dress and the store you are at let you pick them out you ur self it's not very fun. When you have a wonderfully run business like this one everything goes as it should. 

You have a wonderful helper asking you questions. Giving you many options. Asking about details about wedding. Giving you options to give the racks look yourself. But knowing what she has and giving helpful recommendations. 

I absolutely love this place I've come here twice. Once for my sister and second for sister is law. Both times. Beautiful dresses were picked out. 

If I was a woman wanting a good dress for a good price. This place is a must. 

Do yourself a favor and just walk into this place and dig into some dresses.

Kim at The Bridal Station is outstanding to work with. She definitely knows what she is talking about, delivers what and when she says, and has an incredible eye for detail. Although I was in her shop for bridesmaids dresses, she also gave me some advice regarding photography at my venue, after seeing some preliminary pictures of it. The Bridal Station is not only a dress shop, but also a wedding chapel with Kim as the minister. Overall, finding my bridesmaids dresses was made very easy and with great pricing!   -Jillaine
This is one of those stores that I saw on the web and thought it looks and sounds too good too be true.  My daughter, "The Bride" had already gone to David's Bridal and they tried to sell her dresses that were hideous on her!!  Since I was buying, I told her we needed to shop around.  We headed to Modesto hopeful, but not expecting it to be as good as it looked on the website.  Boy, was I wrong, although the shop looks small, Kim, (the owner) has lots in stock.  She is great!!  She knows what will look good on you and what will not work.  My advice is to listen to her because she really knows what she is doing!  We left with everything we needed including a Mother of the Bride dress that Kim had me try on.  It fit like it had been made for me and I loved it!!  Kim, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS for making what could have been a disastrous day one of the best we've had!!
This is a small dress shop and the owner will personally give you her time and attention in finding the perfect dress for you. I loved her and the way she made me feel as I tried on many dresses. She is there to help you feel as beautiful as you should feel for the perfect day. it's not all about the money for her. She gave me a discount on my dress because it was the last one and could not be ordered. it was meant to be as it fit perfect. I went to several big wedding shops and by far this boutique was ideal.

Thank You Cathy
I came here to get a gown because I was getting married that weekend. I was asked by Kim how much I wanted to spend. I was somewhat embarrassed to answer. I told her $100 she was like ok let me go and look. She then brought 3 gowns out for me. I was able to find a gown right off the rack that fit me perfectly for $128 out the door. It was a beautiful floor length gown with crystals and embroidery. I could never thank her enough for making my dreams come true.


Note: Don't ever be embarrassed to tell me what your budget is.  I will try my best to help anyone with any budget. ~Kim

This past Saturday we had the BEST experience ever at The Bridal Station. I went with my mother and daughter and all 3 of us had the most wonderful experience. Kim is awesome and she knows her business very well. I had already visited 5 other bridal dress shops and never got the service that Kim gave to us. I had gone with the intent to find a dress and left buying my DREAM wedding dress!!!
We will be back to have my wedding party fitted and the mothers as well. I look forward to returning and having my girls enjoy the same experience we all did.
We came from Suisun CA to Kim's shop and it was all worth the experience!!!
I would recommend Kim to anyone who is looking for formals/bridesmaid/wedding dress and all accessories!!!!
Suzanne P.
I made the first best decision when I walked into The Bridal Station (Kim's store).... She knew exactly what would work for me and what wouldn't!!! She was very helpful and attentive. She offered me suggestions and even creative reception and ceremony ideas that were invaluable to the outcome of my ceremony!! Thanks so much Kim for the great ideas and for being a part of our Special Day!!!!

Joyce and Tom G!
Hi Kim,
We are at a wedding today. Which makes me realize how privileged we were to have you in charge of OUR wedding!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!  Anyone looking to have you as their wedding planner/coordinator should jump all over the opportunity!!! Thank you again so much for your effort, success, and your friendship.

~ R. Hall

Stopped in to your place today to pick up dresses for my fiance and her bridesmaid. I could tell you love your job! Thanks for being a pleasant part of our wedding preparations!

Thanks again, Art

This is the perfect site to buy a gown. Yes, I live in the Midwest and not in California. Yes, I did purchase off the The Bridal Station website, sight unseen. After waiting 3 1/2 months for my dress from another site with NO delivery, Kim was a godsend with delivery in a week. The dress needed only minor alterations thanks to the precision of correct measurements supplied. My wedding was memorable and THANKS to Kim I looked and felt like a princess. I will recommend her to everyone I know getting married here in the Midwest. Thanks again Kim.  Your website is AMAZING!!  Holly H.
Thanks for all your help today Kim! I'm a happy bride to be, and that was so fun & stress free picking out my dress. I totally recommend you to anyone considering doing business with you :)  Heather
Kim is WONDERFUL!!! She made our day so special and work 100% within our budget.  She married us and I got to choose everything I wanted.  Plus she cleaned it all and had everything ready when I went to get it. Thank You Kim  :)  Breanna
A Very Happy Wife!!
Hi Kim,  Thank you so much for helping us with only 1 day before our wedding day.


~The Bridal Station carries an entire line of Modest Bridal Gowns and Maids Dresses~

Nine years ago, Kim came to my rescue when I was asked by my friend to be in her wedding. The famous Plus-size Hunter Green Dress search and me finally asking God for a miracle ;)                      (see below for first testimonial)
Well, I didn't learn my lesson. This year my cousin has invited me to be in her wedding and of course I procrastinated in getting my dress......Hunter Green? nope...Burgundy? Nope......Try GOLD! hahaha!! Yep GOLD!
I walked into Kim's shop sans appointment and reintroduced myself. Within minutes Kim had pulled 2 gold gowns and had me in the dressing room trying them on. I found the perfect dress in the second choice! I couldn't stop looking in the mirror and smiling :) Only minor alterations needed! Whoo-Hoo!!!  Twice now I have needed a miracle and twice, Kim, has been my angel!
Kim: Thank you soooo much for your ability to turn "tankles and booty" into a "brick house" ;) You shall always be my MIRACLE Worker!
Sincerely, Julia M

Hello Kim, 

This is Nicole's mother Angie, I just wanted to thank you for what you did for my daughter. I appreciate more than words could ever explain, she was so worried about the wedding.  Nicole was speechless when we arrived home last night, she had no idea that you would do what you did for her and neither did I. We feel very blessed to have met such a wonderful person and couldn't have asked for a better woman to marry my daughter. I am very thankful for what you did. Thank you for waiting for us so we could witness such a beautiful ceremony. We all have been at our wits end with each other and you truly brought us all closer. Thank you for making my daughters wedding day a day that we all will truly remember. I hope that we all can keep in touch with each other, and thank you for making my daughter one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen. I'm so grateful I wish I could explain it better. But we all wanted to thank you again. Ill make sure my daughter comes in when she has her beautiful baby and shows you her grace. Again thank you so very very much Kim, you and your husband are wonderful kind people.

Sincerely Angie, Chris, Nicole and Tony
I had the wedding of my dreams and besides my husband, family and friends I know that majority of its smoothness was because of Kim at The Bridal Station. This is your one stop shop! Kim is exactly what every bride needs. She was so helpful I know her help made my wedding planning and day much easier. I bought a beautiful dress, two petticoats, bra, jewelry, head piece and veil. I needed something vintage to go with my husband’s grandmother’s 47 year old dress and something to go with my modern white modest dress. I also bought my shoes from her. Kim has everything to match a vintage wedding to everything to match a modern wedding. Kim was very helpful in my decision making for my dress and also my mother in laws and guestbook girls. Kim is forward and tells you exactly what is complimentary for your body shape. I love her honesty and willingness to help the bride in any situation. After spending over $14,000 planning my wedding I decided I needed someone to help me execute my ideas the day of the wedding. I hired Kim as my wedding concierge, who went above and beyond my expectations of a wedding planner. She was willing to come to my rehearsal dinner, the church and reception. She was the first to arrive and the last to leave. She even took some of my friend's home that did not want to drink and drive.  She created a beautiful reception and the perfect middle person in between everything and me. I couldn’t have done it without all her hard work!

Thank You, Angela
Kim is awesome. I got my prom dress and a bridesmaids dress from her, she was honest and totally helped me find the dress that looked the absolute best on me! I didn't feel like just another client, I felt like she was enjoying helping, and was not just trying to sell! I refer everyone I know that is looking for a dress to her. She will make sure you look your absolute best on your special day!  
I have 4 daughters.  We have had more than I can count proms, winter formals, and even a wedding.  In my opinion there is ONLY 1 place to go to get your dress and accessories--The Bridal Station!!!!!!  Not only does the owner Kim know her stuff, she is a wonderful and honest person.  What ever the special occasion is, a wedding, prom, winter formal, quinceneara, or an anniversary, anything you can imagine needing for any special occasion, Kim has or can get for you.  I will never go anywhere else to get a special dress, shoes, or any accessory to complete the look.  If you haven't visited The Bridal Station do so, you will not be disappointed.
I love this place!!! The first time I went there was for my daughter's wedding. Kim made it so easy to find what she wanted AND I found a dress for dancing!!! Just recently, my own wedding plans were moved forward due to an ill parent so I was desperate to get my plans rolling fast. Once again, Kim answered the phone after business hours, actually REMEMBERED me from a year ago, and opened up 1 hour after closing to help me get all the bridal items that I needed!!!! She stayed open for 4 hours to help me...

I have had the best customer service EVER in her shop. Kim is extremely knowledgeable in her field, she's direct and honest with people, and has the greatest variety of dresses available for us regular kind of people who have budgets!!!!!

I recommend The Bridal Station to all my friends and family as ballroom dance dresses are also available to purchase! After proms and other big events, there are OUTSTANDING clearances in all sizes of all types of dresses to purchase. Once again, I found and purchased a dress to dance in after the wedding photos are done. 

I am a middle aged woman on a limited income who is NOT a good shopper. I have been "lucky" every time I've gone to The Bridal Station and I think it's because of Kim's expertise!
I came in to The Bridal Station to get a longline bra to go under my already purchased dress, only to discover that my dress really didn't flatter me and wasn't going to work out.  (I am never shopping with that friend again)  This was 2 weeks before my wedding date!!!  I found the most beautiful wedding dress that made me feel like a princess. I got the dress of my dreams.  Thanks The Bridal Station for being there in an emergency and helping me to feel like a princess on my special day.
Where to start. First, I want to thank Kim for the dedication she had with me and my matron of honor. So professional yet very personable. The end result was wonderful. The red sash with the red trimming on the veil was perfect... never would have thought to do that without Kim to help me. My matron of honor found the perfect dress as well. I couldn't be any happier with the turn out of my wedding dress. Again, thank you very much for your help! Forever greatfull... Lisa
Hi Kim,

I wanted to thank you for all of your help and moral support in choosing my gown! You must have saved the best for last because this dress was so much more than I ever imagined. You were right on when it came to everything and I thank you again! Here is a pic from my special day.    :)

Thanks again,
Christina M

We had a GREAT experience with Kim! She helped me out with whatever I needed. She did our arch that matched our wedding colors perfect. She was really great at making sure my wedding and wedding party was taken care of to the fullest. She left us very satisfied and I tell everyone I know to go to her to get their wedding party and wedding gowns from her. She helped me pick out jewelry for me and my bridesmaids

Thank you KIM, for doing a great job. Keep up the good work!! I might see you in the future.... I have a friend getting married this year!
Jennie V.
What can I say, you are like having a little New York, or Beverly Hills in Modesto! Your awesome if a bride wants to look amazing, then she needs to see u, ur advice, an inventory is incredible, just like u! Can't go wrong if Kim is on your bride side!!! She is insurance you will look amazing and so will your girls! As far as apparel for the big day, she's got got it! Thank you so much Kim, you were the first place I went too, the first dress I tried on, and the one that wowed me! Thanks for everything!
Kim,   I wanted to thank you for all your kindness and help,  you made my special day so perfect and my husband loved my dress, my wedding was so perfect in every way, and the honeymoon was perfect also, God Bless you in your life and all you do, god has you doing exactly what you are suppose to be doing, you are perfect at it,...  I will always pass a great word on about you and your store.

Lori S.
Well to start off a crazy story that had a beautiful ending. To think that someone could be so amazing and help me in my most Wonderful Day of my life.  See, the story is that I was having my Bridal Gown made from another person that I knew and when I had went to try it on I wanted to cry! The dress was nothing like the dress I picked out and wanted her to make for me, it didn't even look like a dress at all.  I was so devastated and my wedding was in 5 days and everything was complete, except my dress, the most important thing of the wedding.

        So the most wonderful thing happened I was looking through the yellow pages and came across the add for The Bridal Station. The Owner was amazing she helped me calm down and said don't worry, it will turn out. then she asked where am I located? I said I live in Stockton, And knowing she was already closed. She said don't worry!! come in and I'll wait for you. And to think her business is 45 minutes away from where I live. I told here what I was looking for in a style of dress, Cause I had to have a really Modest dress, She said I have some just come in.

        So I wiped my tears feeling Its gonna be ok and build trust in her, As I entered the Bridal shop it was so calm and peaceful. I took a look at the first Gown along with the others she had in a dressing room waiting for me. Well guess what? I fell in love with the first one I layed my eyes on. So I tried it on. it fit so good, only needing minor alterations.  I was so Happy I just knew that I was gonna be the Happiest Bride Ever! Thanks to you It was the most beautiful day of my life and I will cherish these memories forever!

              Thank You so much!
                    From ~ Mrs. Melanie M.
I just wanted to thank you for your assistance and patience!
When my Daughter in law - to be and I arrived at your store we had been out all day and were emotional and exhausted.
My Son and his Fiancé had been "friends" for over 14 years, ever since breaking up when they were 14 years old, and after many months of agonizing over the decision to marry, and deciding if they should do it before, or after my Son's impending deployment with the Army to Afghanistan, they made the decision to marry with only 2 weeks left before his deployment ...and she was living in Hawaii!
We not only had to get her from Hawaii to Modesto, but we also had to get her fitted for a dress and get her to Texas for the wedding!
We felt comfortable immediately when we arrived at your store, and when we explained what we needed, your ready knowledge of your in stock inventory was amazing to say the least.
In less than 30 minutes we were able to fit "Katie" into her gown, and also her shoes.
We also had the time to relax and take it all in before we actually purchased the items necessary to complete the needs for her trip to Texas to be married.
Thanks for your help, and in the future we will not go all over town...we are coming directly to you!!
Thanks so much for your special touch in making this special day, 14 years in the making happen in such a special way!
My Son and Katie were married today in a small chapel off base and we are very thankful for the care and concern you showed in helping us get there and achieve our goal of getting them married...FINALLY!
Now they can concentrate on the "Happily Ever After" Part of their lives together!!
Thanks Again
Martha G. - (mother of the groom)

Dear Kim:

Just a brief note to express my appreciation and respect for your willingness to help all those brides who found themselves without a dress when another local bridal shop closed recently. I am grateful I had the opportunity to get my wedding dress several weeks ago from you, someone who actually cares.

Wishing you the best.
Julie S.

David and I appreciated your professionalism and assistance in helping us create our fairytale wedding.

Thanks again!
With appreciation,

Dear Kim,
Where do I begin? Well to tell all the plus size brides out there just how I was treated a few years ago for my best friends wedding.  I was her maid of honor and a very large plus size woman.  We went to multiple bridal shops in and out of Modesto.  To my fear that came true, no one had a dress in my size.  The consultants would take a look at me and say, "we don't have anything in your size."  So I am devastated.  Finally, the bride said, "let's go to The Bridal Station".  So we all did.  I walked in and the first question we all asked was can you fit me?  Kim said, "No Problem".  I couldn't believe my ears!!  I asked her again, "are you sure".  Kim again said "No Problem".  Well that was that.  I had a bridesmaid dress for my best friends wedding.  Skipping ahead a few years, I met the man of my dreams and fell in love.  This year was my wedding and I didn't even think about going anyplace else, because Kim treated me so well last time.  I walked in and I really didn't know what I even wanted.  Kim said "I want to see you in this gown". I think I tried on one other gown and I bought the gown that Kim suggested for me.  My entire bridal party purchased bridesmaid dresses from The Bridal Station and wow....were they gorgeous!   She is so knowledgeable in her business.  I had so many little questions that every time I was there, she took the time to answer every question. Kim is so well versed in this business with so much common sense on her shoulders, it seemed there was no question that she could not answer.  I am grateful I met Kim and I just wanted to say THANKS, THANKS, THANKS for everything.    ~ Jamie
Thank you Mrs. Kim!

You are such a Blessing My husband and I appreciate you sooooooooooooooo much!  You really help make our day special! 

Love Lisa

Kim helped me in every way from the bridesmaid dresses to my wedding gown that had cap sleeves specially ordered to fit and match my dress perfectly.  She spent a lot of time with me in finding the near impossible plum color bridesmaid dresses that I was looking for (and we found them).  She was patient and made sure I was happy with what I choose.  Even when I changed my mind on occasion, she was pleasant and willing to do whatever I wanted.  I appreciate everything Kim did to help make my special day more perfect.  Keep working hard Kim.  We brides appreciate the care and time you put into your work.       ~ Rochelle
My wedding was two and a half weeks away and I was in a complete panic.  I was having a small wedding with just my 2 teenaged daughters as my attendants.  Since I was on a tight budget, I decided to make the girls’ dresses myself.  Although one came out perfect, try as I might I just could not get the second one to fit right.  I had driven past Kim’s shop many times, and decided to check it out.  And I sure was happy that I did!

Kim immediately made me feel comfortable with her warm and friendly personality.  More importantly, she put me at ease by demonstrating her high level of knowledge and expertise in bridal apparel.  I had originally selected two different dresses to suit my daughters’ very different body types.  But Kim suggested one dress style that flattered them equally well.  She took their measurements and as promised, the dresses arrived the following week.  With only one minor alteration, the dresses were ready in plenty of time for the wedding and I had one less thing to worry about.

Kim provided us with awesome dresses, eased my anxiety, and allowed me to concentrate on the final details of the wedding. She has earned my gratitude and respect.  Whether you are months away from your wedding or having a last minute panic attack, I would highly recommend Kim at The Bridal Station. 

Hi Kim,

We wanted you to have this picture of us.  We cannot thank you enough for all of your help.  Thanks for the recommendation of the photographer, he was great!

Roy and Nino

I had been planning my dream wedding for over a year.  Everything had been picked out.  I was positive that with so much detailed planning I was ensuring that the last few weeks leading up to the wedding would be stress-free.  Boy, was I wrong!!  I went into a local bridal shop to begin the alteration process, and when I did, my dress didn't fit!! It had already been altered to SOMEBODY ELSE'S body.  Yes, MY dress, PAID FOR, had been altered for someone else! Their policy: You left it on your on will, your problem!  I couldn't believe it! I was furious with the local bridal shop! I was devastated! How could this be happening 3 weeks before my wedding?!  

I drove home from the bridal shop in tears.  As I did, I passed Kim's shop.  We ordered our bridesmaids dresses from her, so as I passed and saw her car advertisement "Getting married this weekend? No problem!"  I thought, OF COURSE!!  I went into the shop a little hesitant.  How could she really help people out on such short notice? I knew her slogan, but we ordered the bridesmaids dresses with plenty of time!  I was in for a big surprise!  Kim immediately greeted me by name! She always treats her customers like family!  She sensed something was wrong.  I'm guessing the tears gave it away!  She told me EVERYTHING would be okay.  Not to worry.  I felt a little better hearing that, but still unsure.  She asked what type of dress I had bought.  I told her I wanted to start over fresh.  No memories of that on my wedding day.  So, she asked what I was looking for.  She pulled out several beautiful gowns.  I tried them on, one by one.  I was getting discouraged.   As beautiful as the dresses were, they weren't for me.  With one dress left, my hopes were slim to none.  

I put on the dress and walked out of the fitting room, and started to cry.  I found THE dress! Not the replacement dress, but THE dress!! I loved it more than the one I had purchased.   My Mom came by and saw me in the dress and started crying! She LOVED it! She didn't even cry when I tried on my first gown!  

Kim was truly a life saver.  She had the PERFECT dress for me.  She also had the accessories I needed for my new gown! My jewelry was beautiful!  I felt like a princess on my wedding day!  

Kim works very hard to keep her inventory flawless!

Without Kim, my wedding wouldn't have been a success! I got my gown from her, the bridesmaids purchased their dresses from her, she made our boutonnières, the floral pieces for the church, ordered my shoes/flower girl basket/ring bearer pillow from her. My Mother-in-law even bought her dress from Kim!!

I am so thankful for all Kim did for us! I know words will never do her justice.  All I can do is recommend her services! She will work hard to make you happy.  Afterall, she knows how important your wedding day should be! Even if you are skeptical, do me a favor, at least stop by and check it out.  You won't be sorry that you did!! Kim is wonderful at what she does, and I never hesitate to let people know that my wedding was a success because of her!Melissa W.
Dear Kim,

Thank you so much for all of your help! I received so many comments on how beautiful my wedding dress was and my bridesmaids too! Thank you so much for making me an angel! Your expertise and professionalism made my decision easy and my special day flawless!!

Stacy M.

I have done business with Kim numerous times for quite a few weddings and proms.  Every time I stop in her shop no matter what the need is, I find my visit such a pleasure and always above and beyond what ever I ever expected. Kim has always performed miracles for my friends and family!!!  My sister in-law's breast are sooooo large no one could get a dress in such short notice to fit her at all.  Kim found a halter style that fit the breast finally but there was no hope for the waist line at all, her ingenuity and the help of her seamstress magically removed the zipper added loops and wide satin ribbon and we laced a corset up her back to keep that dress on, then the buttons were adjusted clear to the very edge at the top around the neck to hold those girls in place, I'm telling you one false move, and we would have had gone to jail for exposing the youngun's, but KIM had us covered!!!  Kim is the BEST and if you want your details covered you can count on her any questions feel free to contact me, I'll answer any questions you have.....Thanks Tammy D.
Kim's store is the BEST place to purchase a dress. She not only made you feel comfortable, but you would explain the way you wanted your dress to look, and sure enough she had one just for you. Kim did no pressuring of any kind, and she let you take your time, and use any thing she had available for you to put on. My mom came with me and as I stepped out of the room my mom started crying. The dress that I purchased was beautiful, and it was like if they had made it just for me. Kim I THANK YOU for all that you did for me. I've already recommended you to one of my friends who's planning on getting married. You don't know how you've made buying a dress for me so easy and stress free. Thanks once again Kim. Your a godsend in the bridal industry.
My future daughter in law and I were a little hesitant walking into Kim's shop, but we soon got over it! Kim was very helpful, making us feel comfortable and at ease and had some amazing ideas about the gown, the veil and headband that Laura chose, who is a size ZERO! It's hard enough for her trying to find everyday clothes that fit her, let alone a wedding gown! We both really enjoyed ourselves while she tried on the beautiful gowns and the dress Laura ultimately decided to BUY from Kim is a gorgeous wedding gown and perfect for her tiny size.

My son is going to be star-struck all over again when he comes home from the Navy in May to marry his sweetheart! She looks amazing in her gown!

Kim is very knowledgeable about the gowns she carries or can order for you, as well as having all the accessories you need and then some! And since we were in a time crunch, she basically saved us a lot of headache worrying about getting the perfect gown at a price that was reasonable, affordable and on a timely basis.

I am going to tell EVERYONE I know who is looking for a wedding gown, graduation or prom dress to try Kim's shop first, you won't be disappointed!     Thanks again, Kim!

Chantene, Ballico, CA   &   Laura, Manteca, CA
To all brides out there, no matter your budget or imagination you owe it to yourself to, at the very least, stop by and talk to Kim at The Bridal Station- you won't regret it.  I'm writing because I am a new bride who truly believes that if it weren't for The Bridal Station my wedding day would have been a disaster!  I was getting nowhere by the "other" choices I had in this area.  When I walked into Kim's shop I was amazed by the amount of things she had in such a small place, things I hadn't even realized I wanted or needed- like the music for "the march".  Kim took one look at me and said she knew what kind of dress I needed, she came back with 2 and that was it.  The second dress I tried I took, I didn't even need to look anymore, and Brides you know what a relief it is to find that dress!  

Kim was made for this, she has an amazing ability to take what you have in your mind and make it a reality.  All you have to do is ask.  Kim loves what she does and it shows, you can tell when the two of you are discussing colors or decorations or shoes- she seems to be just as excited about finding the right fit as you are and it's great, because not everyone around you is continually excited as you are, anticipating your big day.  She is so knowledgeable about the whole wedding experience.  Not only that, she is pleasant to be around.  The other thing about Kim is that she isn't a "salesman" she truly wants your day to be how you envisioned it to be, even if that means she has to be the one to tell you that you'd look much better in the 12 than the 8, trust me you won't come out of her shop in something that just doesn't flatter you.  

The only let down is that when your special day is over, you might feel like you've lost touch with a good friend.  So, writing this is the only way I could think of to show my appreciation for all craziness that Kim pulled me through.   Kim and The Bridal Station are one of a kind. Thank You So Much Kim!!

Mrs. Mark S
Hi Kim,

My daughter got married, and you did it all! But I have to tell your future brides of our experience. My daughter asked me to accompany her to every bridal shop she wanted to visit, of course looking for that “perfect” wedding gown, and trying to not spend a huge fortune.  I have to add not only did we find her “perfect” gown, we also had a “perfect” experience. When I first walked into your shop, my first thought was WOW... how pretty it was in there. Then we met you, Kim. You were so warm and friendly, I instantly felt at complete comfort, and I had only known you for about 2 minutes. You asked my daughter a few questions, took one look at her and said, “I think I know just the gown that you are looking for”. You did bring 4 gowns into the dressing room. I remember you saying “I would really like to see you in this one.” So after a few minutes in the dressing room, and as you and I are chatting, my daughter opens the curtain. My jaw dropped! She took one look at herself in the mirror and she started to cry, and so did I. My daughter said “mom, this is it!”. Then you Kim just went to work of adding the perfect veil and tiara. You didn’t even flinch when it came to jewelry accessories. Within 5 minutes of coming out of the dressing room, my daughter was more gorgeous than I had ever seen.   After adding up all the items, I couldn't believe that we got EVERYTHING for less than the price of other bridal shops.  I was thrilled. Now that I have had the chance to get to know you over the past 5 months, I just wanted to say THANK YOU. For just being there to answer our most silly questions to questions that if it weren’t for your thorough thinking, a couple of things might not have worked out. I have personally referred future brides to you just by over hearing their situations and I had to tell them about you. You are just a true asset to the bridal industry with the best personality, customer service and you have a heart of gold. Thanks again for making my daughter’s dreams come true.  Cecil

I was so exhausted from trying to look for a bridesmaid gown that I was brought to tears at work thinking of how I would ruin my friend's wedding by not being able to get the right color (Hunter Green).  I was at my wits end, I had searched all over Modesto but to no avail.  I am a plus-size you see, and most stores do not carry the selection that allows a last minute shopper to quickly get something.  On the last day of work before the wedding, I finally decided to leave it in God's hands.  I turned to the sky as I was stopped at the corner of Briggsmore and Coffee, and I prayed," Lord, I give up!  Please give me a sign!"  Would you believe that at THAT MOMENT, Kim drove right in front of me in her suburban and I kept repeating ","!  I smiled and decided to check out the web site.  On Monday I went to her boutique.  Already having practiced my "I know I waited till the last minute speech" I stepped in and asked if there was anything she could do.  I never saw her flinch!  She asked when the wedding was..."this Saturday" I replied, waiting for the I'm sorry it's to late speech.... But it never came, we tried a few dresses that were in stock.  Believe me, at this point I would have worn anything that was Hunter Green!  She made a phone call and informed me that the dress we had chosen and matching gloves would be in by Thursday. After minor alterations, I had a beautiful gown that fit perfectly by Friday!!  The dress looked so good in fact, that my coworkers didn't recognize me until the reception!  I can't thank Kim enough for saving the day.  I'm sure if I had looked closer the day she passed by, I would have seen wings!!  I will definitely recommend Kim to everyone that needs an angel.  From the moment I walked in, I felt at ease and knew that everything would be alright.  Thank you so much, Kim!!  Sincerely, Julia M.
WOW!!!! What a beautiful wedding! I couldn't have asked for a better wedding coordinator. :) Kim, truly made my day easy and stress free. We had been planning for 4 months down to the day before the wedding, which seemed like an eternity. But with all the things Kim had to offer at her shop from, wedding gifts, to bridesmaid dresses, to invitations, and of course my wedding gown, and all the accessories. My wedding day with my best friend (my new husband) was truly amazing. I wasn't the typical stressed out bride, because The Bridal Station is truly the one stop shop. You can get EVERYTHING for your wedding you can imagine.  

To all the future brides out there, you have nothing to worry about when you go to The Bridal Station. With all of Kim's expertise, she will truly make sure you are a beautiful bride as we all want to be. All you need to know is your budget and Kim will work her magic and make your day even more magical than anyone could ever imagine.

Kim, welcomes you into her store with the biggest smile you can ever see, her heart is so warm and open to all walks of life and situations. She is truly an amazing person.  She tries her hardest and puts her whole heart into every brides wedding that walks through her doors. She stays up at night when everyone else is sleeping working hard and diligently on making everything perfect. She is truly a hard-working woman.

Also, I have to mention the hard-working behind the scenes man. If you think it is just Kim that helps out with every wedding think again. Her husband, Geoff is her partner in crime that makes the magic happen. He stays up with her at night making flowers, doing alterations, and steaming dresses you name it he is there. Geoff helped out so much with my wedding behind the scenes, making sure things went smoothly, and all my girls dresses where wrinkle free. He is willing to do anything that is asked of him, and he does it all very well.

I could go on and on about how beautiful my day was because of Kim, but I want to leave room for others to write their experiences with her too, because I know there are a lot out there. :)

I can't say it enough times, but Thanks Kim, for making my day absolutely perfect beyond my dreams. You made all my dreams come true.  I'm sooooooooooooooo happy and most of all a friend I can count on. Friends are the best part of ourselves. Thanks a million. !!!

Michelle B.    ~ Roseville, Ca
I was the frantic, I waited until the very last minute to do anything, maid of honor. And when I say last minute, I mean...last minute.  The wedding itself only a week away.  Not only did I still have to find a dress for the occasion, I had also taken on the responsibility of making the bridal bouquets and boutonnieres for the entire party. Seven days left which really means three or four days when you're working 40+ hours a week and taking care of a family. My hairdresser mentioned "The Bridal Station" to me and said that a lot of people came into the salon and spoke highly of it and that may be a place for me to consider.  The owner herself was a client of another hair stylist in the salon.  I thought to myself, who is going to want to help me a week before the actual wedding.  I am going to get laughed out of the store for even having the nerve to expect someone to help me the week before a wedding. So I decided I had nothing to lose and put my tail between my legs and drove to the corner of Orangeburg and College to this little bridal boutique. I was embarrassed to even say that I had waited until the last minute but inevitably the owner, Kim, asked..."When is the wedding?" I honestly didn't even want to tell her, but I did and I proceeded to say, "Can you help me?" I have to tell you, I have never been welcomed into a store more warmly and whole heartedly before in my life.  She was absolutely wonderful.  My saving grace. Kim took care of everything for me.  I am going to be wearing the most beautiful cranberry gown with shoes and accessories to match. Not to mention the fact that she even took care of the bouquets and boutonnieres for the entire bridal party. Here it is now two days before the wedding and I am totally and completely stress free. I am the most complete and relaxed maid of honor and I owe it all to Kim. I will highly recommend Kim and The Bridal Station boutique to anyone and everyone. She is the absolute best and you just cannot beat the personal customer service that you will receive from the minute you walk through the door. That in itself is something unheard of in the retail market these days.  I was privileged enough to also meet her husband and her mother on two different occasions and they are also really great people.  If you are out there and looking at this site I encourage you to give her a call or better yet just go there for yourself.  I promise you won't be disappointed and you will leave feeling great. Thanx so much, Kim. I know I have told you thanx over and over again but I really appreciate all that you have done for me. I am just going to be the best maid of honor ever and I owe it all to you. Sincerely, Samantha G.
I went to a million different places to try and find a winter formal dress.  Everything I found was way too expensive for my budget or just did not work for me.  Finally, at one of the dress stores, a women told me about The Bridal Station.  My sister and I went in the next day and as soon as we walked in I just liked the whole feeling of the store.  The first dress I tried on was perfect.  Not only did I end up buying a dress, but I bought shoes and got a necklace and earrings!  I got everything I needed in about 1 hour after searching for days.  I was so happy to have found The Bridal Station.  The best part was that I spent less on everything that I needed then all the girls spent on their one dress.  And no one else had my dress at our winter formal and everyone loved it.  I am for sure going back for prom!      Melanie
Picture this, you are a month and a half away from your wedding day and everything is set.  You have the bridesmaid dresses, the groomsmen have been fitted for their tuxes, your honeymoon reservations have been confirmed, and all is well.  Except for one minor little detail, you do NOT have your wedding dress yet.
     I am going through this exact situation with my wedding plan, or should I say I was, until I found the most wonderful place on earth.  A family friend had made a suggestion to my mom that we try this little bridal shop that she had driven past in Modesto.  Desperate times call for desperate measures so my mom, dad, and I piled in the car and headed to Modesto.
     When we got to our destination, I saw how small it was, and I thought No Way am I going to find my wedding gown in there.
     The entire shop is set up for one reason and one reason alone and that is to save money, which was an added bonus for my family and me.  Our main concern had been just to find a dress.  I have never been treated so well in my life.  Within twenty minutes of arriving I had a dress, veil, and petticoat that was so stunning I could not have dreamed them up.
     By now I am sure you are all wondering where is this marvelous  place that sounds as if it is too good to be true.  Well this is a secret that I am very reluctant to give up, but after going through what I did with other bridal shops, I will give my treasured secret away in a heartbeat.
     The Bridal Station is located 3224 McHenry Ave in Modesto, Ca. They feature gowns, bridesmaids dresses, veils, and petticoats, along with many needed accessories.  Their prices are great!  So if you or someone you know is planning a wedding, tell them to have their first stop be The Bridal Station, take it from me, you won't be disappointed.  Good luck and happy planning.
I got my bridal gown, bridesmaids gowns, jewelry, headpiece, and petticoat from The Bridal Station.  I had a fantastic wedding. All of my bridesmaids were so happy that they did not have to spend a fortune on dresses that they would never wear again.  I thought my wedding dress was beautiful too.  The service at The Bridal Station was fantastic as well.  I certainly recommend all the services at The Bridal Station.

Karen S.
I just wanted to thank you for all of your help.  I know that this is your business, but you make it personal, which makes all the difference in the world to someone who is planning a wedding!  Thanks again so much for all your help, I will remember greatly!     Lisa K.